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 I create my art using themes of ___ that are often___in a desire to evoke a sense of____ in relation to one's _____. I hope to offer the viewer profound___ with  shapes and colors, combined into a ___ which hopefully expresses ___ and also reflects a glimpse of humanity's______.

  By using ____ and___ in union with iconic objects juxtaposed in a multi-layer fashion, my hope is the fine art lover is____ into a dream-like_____ and in the process, exposed to stereotypes of ____ which are hidden in plain sight.

 Each individual piece emotes a canon of_____  in hopes of making visible ____, which is____ in the_____. 


                               *(Please fill in the blanks with bombastic verbosity.)

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"I Like to Pretend That My Art Has Nothing to Do With Me."

Roy Lichtenstein
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